Hinduism Simplified

Hinduism Simplified

This is an informational page on Hinduism. This site eventually has the vision of being a bridge between Spirituality and Science for Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Relief from suffering based on the rich Hindu scriptures.

Hinduism Simplified (Click 'Books' tab to buy a copy of this Primer on Hinduism without shipping charges)

Hinduism Simplified.

Mission: "May all be healthy (Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu)" since we believe that "World is one divine family (Vasudeva Kutumbakam)"

To disseminate Spiritual and Medical knowledge for enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual health

Products available at this time:

1) Books: Hinduism Simplified (Author: Anupkumar Shetty),

2) Free Speaking engagements on (a) Healthy Eating Habits based on Hindu Scriptures, (b) Hinduism Simplified, (c) East-West Combo Diet®

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