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Acknowledgements: Swami Vivekananda 

Many Hindus use idols of God as symbols of God. Hindus take lot of criticism for this by those who don’t understand the logic behind it. Hindus don’t worship idols. They worship God in front of an idol to make it easy to focus on God and to visualize God. We use symbols in everyday of our lives. Don’t we keep family portraits at homes and offices? Do we consider them as pieces of...

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Yoga, Meditation, Non-Dualism and Nirvaana Shatakam

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Nirvana Shatkam Lyrics


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'Jyoti se jyoti jaga te chalo, Pyar ki Ganga baha te chalo'

This is from Sant Jnaneshwar. This was also sung in a Hindi movie by Mukesh. The meaning of this very immense.

'You move on by lighting a lamp with a lamp, Move on flowing a (Ganga) river of (divine) love'.

Light is an amazing sign. Light gives more light is we use it light other sources of light. Sharing knowledge has similar effect. It just improves others' ...

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Future of Hinduism in the world

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Some of my friends are worried about the future of Hinduism in the world since Hindus don't convert people to Hinduism, but other major religions have conversion as the major mission. I have a different take on this. If Hindus are educated about the richness of Hinduism and if Hindus are proud of being Hindus I feel that future is very bright. Hindus are also major players in the Medical schools and Madical practices, Law schools, Information Technogy and many other fields in many parts of th...

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Yada yadaa hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata. Abhyutthanam adharmasya tada-atmanang srijamyaham.
Whenever there is a decline of Dharma and the purpose of life forgotten, I (the Lord) manifest Myself by My Divine Yogamaya keeping My nature under control.
Paritranaya sadhunang vinashaya cha dushkritam. Dharma samsthapa nar...

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How come Congress I won in Delhi after the Mumbai attacks?

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I am surprised that Ms Sheila Dikshit from Congress I won in Delhi despite the security lapses and lack of decission making under the Congress I leadership. There may be other good reasons why people chose Congress I. Some reasons which come to my mind are 1. Sheila Dikshit may have done more good than bad, 2. BJP leadership in Delhi may not be that assuring, 3. People may be thinking that BJP if comes to power may wage a war against Pakistan which people do not want. I think the third... Read Full Post »

Should India Wage War Against Pakistan?

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The whole world is looking at India in anticipation of what it is going to do next. The answer is easy! India has to do everything to curtail unscrupulous vandalism. The question is how! Should India wage a war against Pakistan? The answer is that India should wage war actively against terrorism. Not only that India should eliminate the demons, but it has to abolish the terrorism training centers. There is lot to learn from the USA. India should not repeat the mistakes US did. Despite be...

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Mumbai Attacks

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It is a disgrace to humanity, disgrace to liberty of every soul and an expression of cowardice. It is a shame that people cannot learn to coexist in this world. The real truth is coexistence is the default state and the necessity. The world is so big that every big faction in this world will have to continue. Hindus have survived emergence of every new faith in this world and have watched the extinction of many faiths such as the Greek, Roman, Mayan and Egyptian faiths. Being a Dharmic r...

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