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Future of Hinduism in the world

Posted by thirdeyemeditation on January 1, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Some of my friends are worried about the future of Hinduism in the world since Hindus don't convert people to Hinduism, but other major religions have conversion as the major mission. I have a different take on this. If Hindus are educated about the richness of Hinduism and if Hindus are proud of being Hindus I feel that future is very bright. Hindus are also major players in the Medical schools and Madical practices, Law schools, Information Technogy and many other fields in many parts of the world. When all the Hindu students graduate they will be major powers in all these fields. It is upto them to take leadership roles. Hindus may not be the majority, but they will have the power like Jews have now. Jews are easier to coexist since we share many values with them. They have very high family values and they don't convert people into their religion.

What the Hindus need to do is to make sure Hinduism is taught to the younger generation without putting down other religions. People should be taught the major tenets of Hinduism, 'World is one family (Vasudeva Kutumbakam)', 'There is divinity in Everything and Everybody (Aham Brahmasmi or Tat Tvam asi)', 'Let the whole world be healthy (Lokaa Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu)', 'Mother, Father, Guest and Teacher are Gods (Matr devobhava, Pitr devobhava, Atithi devobhava, Acharya devobhava)', 'There there be universal Peace (Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti)'. I wish I can sponsors to distribute my book, 'Hinduism Simplified' to all the Hindu families. I could do that if I can get people to pay for the printing cost.


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