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Should India Wage War Against Pakistan?

Posted by thirdeyemeditation on December 4, 2008 at 9:25 PM

The whole world is looking at India in anticipation of what it is going to do next. The answer is easy! India has to do everything to curtail unscrupulous vandalism. The question is how! Should India wage a war against Pakistan? The answer is that India should wage war actively against terrorism. Not only that India should eliminate the demons, but it has to abolish the terrorism training centers. There is lot to learn from the USA. India should not repeat the mistakes US did. Despite being one of the most prosperous countries in the world, despite being the only superpower, the Iraq war is not a sweeping victory. However, one has to appreciate the successes as well. US has not seen terrorist attack in its soil since 9/11/2001. What the Iraq and Afganistan war has done is move the terrorists' targets away from the US. It has created more enemies to the US and more enemies to humanity. All in all I don't see American war against Afganistan and Iraq as successes. It created more terrorists, it killed many lives, it created a huge economic burden on US and if you see the world as one country, the number of terrorist attacks have not really gone own. If the rich US could not succeed, what makes one think that India will not suffer from a war?

Do I think India should war war against Pakistan after knowing that it is going to cost lot of lives and money? I think we should not fight a conventional war against Pakistan. I think India should call it a war for universal peace. India should fight the terrorists in Pakistan, not Pakistan as a country since Pakistan failed to curtail terrorism by the their terrorists. Moreover they are training terrorists outside Pakistan including in India. Besides attacking terrorists in Pakistan, the bigger and more important issue is India should attack the terrorist training sites in India. In order to avoid moderate muslims from revolting, India should not call it attack on muslims, just call it attack on terrorists. But it is very important to do this in each part of the country to achieve a decissive victory and create fear in the minds of terrorists. Have a zero tolerance policy and do it from one end of the country to the other. Let it not happen in the whole country simultaneously to avoid a civil war. But creating fear among the local miscreants is very very important since usually there are local miscreants behnd every majot attack.

Does India need proof to show to Pakistan? What non-sense? The whole world knows that Pakistan is horbouring terrorists. Mother India! Go ahead and go for a sweep. But be smart. Be the Mother Durga for the world and save the world from terrorism. It is time for the Hindustan to grow back as the super power that it was 2000 years ago. Jai Hind!

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