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Mumbai Attacks

Posted by thirdeyemeditation on December 3, 2008 at 10:04 PM

It is a disgrace to humanity, disgrace to liberty of every soul and an expression of cowardice. It is a shame that people cannot learn to coexist in this world. The real truth is coexistence is the default state and the necessity. The world is so big that every big faction in this world will have to continue. Hindus have survived emergence of every new faith in this world and have watched the extinction of many faiths such as the Greek, Roman, Mayan and Egyptian faiths. Being a Dharmic religion, Hinduism is here to stay and teach Dharma to rest of the world. Lord Krishna came to this earth as a human being over 5000 years ago to establish Dharma. He said that he would come whenever Lack of Ethics (Adharma) dominates in the world to reestablish Dharma. Before that, Durga came to the earth to establish Dharma when Adharma prevailed. The big question is will Lord Krishna or Goddess Durga come to the earth again to establish Dharma? I have no doubt that God will establish Dharma in this world soon.

The next question is what name will the Lord Krishna carry when he shows up as a human being? We, I think, have seen that the non-violent means of establishing Dharma have failed. So this is not the right time for people like Gandhiji and Dalai Lama to establish Dharma. I doubt that Manmohan Singh has enough in him left to cut it. Hats off the Economist in him. But we have not seen the Sardar, the fighter in him. This is the time for Lord Krishna or Goddess Kaali or Lord Hanuman to show up. Despite their controversies, I see that courage in Narenda Modi and Lal Krishna Advani. Barrack Obama, probably has it in him too. Kaal (time) will decide. World has to wait for the regime to change in India and Mr Obama to become the official President of the US. That means another 6-8 months of wait! What does Mr Manmohan Singh have to do? At least he has to prevent more attacks on innocent citizens. He has to create some fear in the minds of terrorists.

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